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Owner Intro

Welcome to Long Term Rental Group

We are great at what we do

No other firm can match Long Term Rental Group’s experience or have the depth of our management organization in managing South Baldwin County homes, condos and commercial properties. Our mission is to meet each property’s particular requirements, to provide superior service to its residents and to maintain and enhance the value of each property.

With the largest long term rental base in the area, Long Term Rental Group is well equipped to handle the unique housing needs of every client. We offer the same personalized, high quality services to every client, regardless of their budget.

Long Term Rental Group is serious about long term leasing. If you are interested in securing a professional to take care of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to oversee improvements and to accurately account for your money, contact us today.

Owner Services

  • Property Inspection

    Our team has established procedures and systems based on experience, knowing exactly what to look for to be able to maintain your property. We inspect each property thoroughly multiple times during each move in / move out, documenting its condition along the way.

  • Tenant Selection

    Quality tenants often seek a property management company for consistent reliability. Our in house process has been proven to filter out tenants who are less likely to pay on time or who would break a lease.

  • Marketing

    Our company has access to effective marketing that allows us to reach hundreds of prospective tenants at the push of a button. We use our resources to your advantage, making the most of your property by capturing its best features.

  • Renewals

    We take pride in tenant retention, allowing us to have over a 70% renewal rate with tenants. Taking the stress away from the owners, we handle the legal and practical issues that come along with a properties renewal.

  • Move Out Process

    We spend approximately 20 – 30% of our time with your property at the end of the lease. Documenting deposits and damages caused by tenants can be tricky and even end up in court. During our move out process, we work diligently to protect you and your property, holding tenants accountable and limiting vacancy time.