Recent Letters of Recommendation

Long Term Rental Group

To whom it may concern,
My name is Harold Goins and I own a condo in Gulf Shores, Al. on West Beach.
I selected Long Term Rental to manage the lease and rental of my property because of their excellent reputation in the community. Mike and his team are a pleasure to deal with for many reasons. They are very thorough in explaining the property market and what can and can not be accomplished from a strategy standpoint. Whenever I have made a request, Mike’s team has always fulfilled it and in a very timely manner. They thoroughly screened prospective renters/leasors and find the best match for the my property. Mike’s team has always maintained a very good level of communication and is courteous and professional in all their dealings.

When I have another property and need a good team to manage it, Mike and his team will be my first choice to call.

A satisfied client,
Harold Goins


Mr. Steward,

Here is our ‘2 cents’ worth…

We have had our property in Foley, AL, for about 2 yrs. now. We can say that we are happy that we made the investment. Although we were a bit early in the real estate downturn, we were still able to take advantage of good rates at a time when there was much to choose from at a fair price.

With regards to your property management, we couldn’t be happier. Mr. Shick was diligent in finding us a good buy, and since we spent the time to get pre-approved for a loan, we able to ‘pull the trigger’, and purchase. From the purchase and into the phase of your management company finding a good renter for the property, the transition was practically seamless. I am certainly glad we spent the time to find the right people before we purchased, and not after. We could have certainly hit a lot more speed-bumps along the way.

I would certainly urge folks to get funding in place, find the right realtor, and have the right property manager in place before making a purchase. Your team is already on the field and ready to go. We interviewed a number of property managers, and it was quite plain to see that you have real folks doing a real job, and delivering on your promises. Thanks Again!!!

Mike and Sandy Lawlor

Mike thanks for your email.

One of the reasons why I originally selected long term rental group was due to a referral. To be honest, your company was not the first I visited but other owners seemed to be pleased with your service. So I thought I had nothing to loose.

As it turns out, you have been very responsive, helpful, courteous and thorough during the time you have managed my property and I am grateful.

Take care and best,



To Mike Steward

Mike I will be happy to share our experience with anyone else who might be considering working with you and your

very able staff. It has been professional, timely and we are satisfied with the results. If any prospective investor would want me to confirm that, I will be happy to do so.

Bob Welch


I would serve as a reference.

Dorothy Willoughby, Member

McKay and Company Realtors

Southern Real Property, LLC


The Steward’s have been the rental agent for four properties we own in Baldwin county for several years. We are out of state so we really rely on them to keep our houses rented as well as overseeing the upkeep. I have found them to be honest in their dealings and feel that they have done their best to keep everything rented even in this sorry economy. I can recommend their business without reservations.

Dr. Siegel and Kathy Siegel


To whom it may concern:

Mike, Diane, Crissy and their team have been great to work with. In these very difficult economic times they continue to strive to provide excellent service. Even now as we try to lease our vacant property, I feel confident they are doing their best to find the right tenant for us. I recommend them to you.

Matt Bishop

Christian Bros LLC


I’ve been with you 1 year, and so far I am very pleased. You placed a tenant in our unit within 30 days of our signing up with you, and you have been quick to respond to the physical needs of the unit. I receive my check from you each month like clock work. I go weeks and months at a time without ever thinking about the property because you and your staff do such a good job taking care of things.

Kudos to you, Diane, Christy, and Juda; you are all very courteous and professional.


JT McWilliams


517 2nd Ave West

Gulf Shores, AL



I wish that you operated your business in other parts of the country where I have rental properties. Your company is by far the most professional and well run organization that I am dealing with.

Thanks for your help throughout the year.

Stu Oster


I can honestly say I am please with the level of service provided by Long Term Rental Group.

We had a few bumps to get over — at the start with appliances and such — no fault of mine or theirs, but they did what needed to be done to correct the situations and my renter was pleased — which is the true test!

All in all — I like the way they keep me advised of the problems and solutions and costs.

Judi Stroud

St Charles MO


I am very happy that you have our house rented. I have been satisfied with your responsiveness when I call or e-mail. The electronic monthly statements are great. I can just save them to a folder and access them whenever necessary.

I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t give my e-mail address out. If the potential customer would like to ask a question, I’d like for it to go through you, and you just cut and paste my response.