Utility Information
We highly encourage owners to have Power and Water on when their homes are vacant.
This is especially important during our hot summer months.

We have included links to our local utility companies below.

Most of our local utility companies offer a “Landlord Agreement”.
This allows you to have the utilities transferred into your name whenever a tenant moves out, allowing the home to have uninterrupted service.

Top 4 reasons to get this setup TODAY.
1. Our team performs very detailed move out inspections. Often bathrooms do not have good natural lighting. We will not be able to hold a tenant responsible for things that we can not see during our inspection.

2. After a tenant moves out, we have the carpets professionally cleaned and often have the home professionally cleaned. To perform these properly, the cleaning teams must have power and water.

3. After the carpets have been cleaned, they will be wet. Due to the high humidity levels in the summer, wet carpets without an air conditioning running may lead to mildew.

4. Homes are very uncomfortable for a family to look at during our hot humid summer months. We find it is much easier for a prospect to make a commitment when viewing a clean comfortable property. Being able to see the bathrooms and closets is a big factor as well.

Baldwin EMC supplies Power for much of the South Baldwin area. Click Here to go to their website.

Gulf Shores Utilities supplies Water for most of the Gulf Shores area. Click Here to go to their website.

The Orange Beach Water Authority can be found by clicking here.

Riviera Utilities  supplies Power and Water for most of  our homes North of Hwy 98 in  Baldwin County. Click Here to go to their website.